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What’s left of the architecture of the totalitarian regimes in Europe?

Totally Lost is a photographic and video research that has involved, in the last year, 186 international photographers and mapped almost 300 dissonant places linked to Totalitarian Regimes, with more than 2,600 photographs in over 25 European countries.

The result is a widespread multimedia exhibition, that will take place from the 9th to the 25th of September 2016 in Forlì and surroundings, in three underused locations linked to the architecture of the Fascist Regime in Italy: Casa del Mutilato in Forlì, Acquedotto di Spinadello in Forlimpopoli and Casa del Fascio in Teodorano.

Three weekends of photography and practices of temporary urban reuse aimed at unveiling a dissonant heritage and inviting to reflect on its role today.

Casa del Mutilato | Via Maroncelli 8, Forlì (FC)
9-10-11, 16-17-18, 23-24-25 september 2016

Acquedotto Spinadello | via Ausa Nuova, 593 Selbagnone , Forlimpopoli (FC)
10-11, 17-18 september 2016

Casa del Fascio | Strada Teodorano Centro 16, Teodorano, Meldola (FC)
10-11, 17-18 september 2016


Project curated and organized by Spazi Indecisi
for European Cultural Route ATRIUM – Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XX Century in Europe’s Urban Memory
with the support of:  the Region of Emilia-Romagna, the City of ForlìFoundation Cassa dei Risparmi
with the patronage of: IBC Emilia Romagna, City of Forlimpopoli, City of Meldola, Isia Faenza
curated by Spazi indecisi with Maria Elena Versari and Linda Ferrari
in collaboration with: Coop. Casa del Cuculo, ANMIG Forlì, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso, Igers Forlì – Cesena, Associazione Sovraesposti, Proloco Meldola, ATR Contemporaneo, Meandri
Technical Partner: DZ Engineering
Media Partners: Aracne

TOTALLY-LOST-2015-banner-pagina-mostra ENG