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Bulgarplod Factory Gone from Sevlievo

Bulgarplod Factory


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Tags: Bulgaria, factory, Totally Lost 2015

The Bulgarplod factory building in Sevlievo, Bulgaria, was a fruit and vegetable processing warehouse that belonged to “Bulgarplod” (literally “Bulgarian Fruit”) – a state-owned produce and food supplier that, more-or-less, went belly-up after the fall of communism in 1989.

This particular building has been sitting abandoned for quite some time, and, like other communist-era abandoned structures, has seen numerous authorize and unauthorized uses since it ceased to be a servant to its former cause. The main “use” of the abandoned Bulgarplod, Sevlievo warehouse seems to have been (again, like it is in the case of many other buildings) for storage of various items. I found tires and construction materials strewn about the basement floor; I’m sure there have been many other items, as well as many other beneficiaries of this “free” storage space.

As far as I am aware, this building still stands today, but its condition is slowly deteriorating. The foundation and the building itself are sturdy enough to last for a long time, but cosmetic degradation combined with possible interest in utilizing the empty lot the building sits on, might prove to be factors in the demise of the Bulgarplod building in the future.


Manol Manolov


I am a photographer from the USA, who was born in Bulgaria. Many of my images are shot during trips back to my birthplace. I document abandoned pieces of history that still have a story to tell today. See my work at:

CONTRIBUTOR: Manol Z. Manolov