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Apriltsi Kindergarden The End of Education

Apriltsi Kindergarden

Apriltsi, Bulgaria

  • SPACE TYPE: School


Tags: Bulgaria, Totally Lost 2015

This is an abandoned kindergarten from socialist times, located in the town of Apriltsi, Bulgaria.

The building and whole lot, including a Russian-made MIG-17F airplane, have been sitting abandoned for years. There are lots of artifacts from school days still left inside.

The basement (through which one can enter) is currently full of garbage and various items, ranging from toys, pipes that someone stored in the space and furniture. These photos are from my exploration in August 2011. As far as I know, the building and the plane are still there today!


Manol Manolov


I am a photographer from the USA, who was born in Bulgaria. Many of my images are shot during trips back to my birthplace. I document abandoned pieces of history that still have a story to tell today. See my work at:

CONTRIBUTOR: Manol Z. Manolov