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Borgo Domenico Borzellino An incomplete and abandoned Fascist village close to Palermo

Borgo Domenico Borzellino

SS624, 90046 Monreale, Italy


  • SPACE TYPE: Small village


Tags: agricultural, Borgo, Italy, residential, Totally Lost 2015

The “borgo” is relatively close to a village called San Cipirello.

It’s located near the road connecting Palermo to Sciacca (ss 624), and also near the old railway Camporeale-Palermo: another project never opened.

Designed by Giuseppe Caronia and Guido Puleo, both members of the Fascist Univeristy Group (GUF), it was part of the second series of villages that were added to the first eight already operating between 1939 and 1940.

Borgo Borzellino was only partially completed because of the Allied landings in Sicily in July 10th, 1943.

Source: VACUA MOENIA_ Studies on Sicilian abandoned soundscape

More info on : (ITA), Vox Humana (ITA)

CONTRIBUTOR: Dario di Bella, Vincenzo Porretto, Federica Scolaro e Vox Humana