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Caproni aircraft factory Aeronautical engineering in Predappio

Caproni aircraft factory

Strada Provinciale 47, Predappio (FC) Italy


  • SPACE TYPE: Factory


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Giovanni Battista Caproni largely contributed to the development of the Italian aeronautical engineering. In the early thirties’ his projects became an example for the construction of the new national airstrike squadrons. Mussolini decided to locate in Predappio a new aeronautic factory run by Mr.Caproni.

Caproni started his new activity in 1935 and soon became symbol of the power and unfallibility of the Fascist regime. He started the production of the factory assembling the three-engined Savoia Marchetti S.M. 81 Pipistrello aeroplanes. The factory building was on two floors and produced all the pieces required for the construction of its aeroplanes. Moreover since 1937 the factory had the exclusive manufacturing rights for the production of Caproni Ca. 164 aeroplane that was a training biplane.

The factory produced 150 Ca. 164 aeroplanes. In 1940, when Italy took part to the Second World War, the factory building was enlarged to construct war aeroplanes. When the Nazis occupied Italy the majority of the machineries were moved to the north of the country and Caproni factory was shut down. In the post-war period the building had been used for other productions.

There is a web of underground tunnels that functioned as stock house and defence. The first Italian cultivation of champignons mushrooms had been arranged inside.



CONTRIBUTOR: Stefano Bottari, Maria Elena Camilli, Eleonora Castagnozzi, Alessandro Costa, Enrico Marchi, Lorenzo Mini, Francesca Pelliconi, Ermes Sangiorgi, Filippo Venturi and Fabrizio Verni