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Chişinău Circus Circus empty maximus

Chişinău Circus

Strada Circului 33, Chişinău 2024, Moldova
ARCHITECTS NAME: Ala Kirichenko and Simion Shoyhet


  • SPACE TYPE: Other


Tags: Circus, leisure, Moldova, Totally Lost 2015

The Chisinau Circus was constructed in 1981 by Ala Kirichenko and Simion Shoyhet in Moldova. The curent situation of the Chisinau Circus is uncertain. In 2008 the Chisinau Circus was leased out to a Cypriot company for a period of 29 years.

The company pledged to restore the building, but did not honor its obligations and the contract was annulled in 2011.


Built in 1981, this circus could accommodate more than 1900 spectators and was operational for 23 years, until the crisis in 2004 caused its closure. The State Circus Chisinau remains one of the landmarks of the city, appearing in the urban area as a forgotten buidling but still full of astonished eyes with which the artists, bears and elephants left the public since the USSR time.

Text by Alfonso Garcia Marcos

This is the facade of a circus that was active before the 1990’s during the time of the CCCP. This great structure has not gone unnoticed lately and plans where made to change it into an apartment building.

Text by Pieter Van Marion

CONTRIBUTOR: Alfonso Garcia Marcos and Pieter Van Marion