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Cinema Moscow A stunning neoclassical masterpiece patiently waits for renovations

Cinema Moscow

Old Peterhof Avenue, Saint Petersburg

  • SPACE TYPE: Cinema


Tags: cinema, Russia, Totally Lost 2015

Now abandoned, Cinema Moscow was once a stunning neoclassical cinema and a popular Saint Petersburg destination. Built in the nineteen-thirties, it served as a space for Soviet cinema for over 50 years. Unfortunately, in the late 1990s, like many theaters of the country, it lost its relevance. After several attempts to keep the space running, Cinema Moscow closed its doors for good in 2004.

The cinema is classified as a building of cultural heritage and regional importance and, even though there have been plans to renovate it, it still sits empty and unused.


Stephanie Avery


Stephanie Avery is a Toronto-based artist and adventurer. Her ongoing photographic series of modern ruins has brought her around the world. She is drawn to their silent beauty and aims to show glimpses into the extraordinary world of the forgotten.

CONTRIBUTOR: Stephanie Avery