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Gustavo Fara Holiday Camp Used as a military hospital and temporary stationing of German forces

Gustavo Fara Holiday Camp

Via Preli, 13Chiavari (GE)
ARCHITECTS NAME: Camillo Nardi Greco e Lorenzo Castello


  • SPACE TYPE: Holiday camp


Tags: colonia, healthcare, holiday camp, Italy, Totally Lost 2013, Totally Lost 2015

In 1938 Colonia Fara was inaugurated by Mussolini himself. The project was commisioned 3 years before by the National Fascist Party as a seaside summer camp for kids. Just two years after the inauguration, due to World War II, the complex was used as a military hospital and temporary stationing of German forces.

After the end of war, from 1945 to the 1999 (the year of the definitive abandonment of the building for safety reason), the Colonia Fara end use changed various times: summer camp again, shelter for refugees from Istria, international hotel, primary school. After the definitive closure by local authority of Chiavari, a group of people from Romania has occupied illegally some spaces inside the building, living there in terrible hygienical conditions.

The purpose of this project is to testify the conditions of abandon of the building but, especially, the condition of neglect that some people are inclined (or forced?) to live.

The future: At the end of 2013 the building has been bought by FARA Ltd: the project of the new owner includes luxury apartments and hotel, restaurant, sea water spa, private beach and underground parking.

Text by Roberto Gregori

CONTRIBUTOR: Thierry Bignamini, Roberto Gregori, Daniele Campi Martucci and Pollyanna Zamburlin