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Rovegno Holiday Camp Surrounded by forest

Rovegno Holiday Camp

Frazione Casanova, Rovegno (GE)
ARCHITECTS NAME: Camillo Nardi Greco


  • SPACE TYPE: Holiday camp


Tags: colonia, healthcare, holiday camp, Italy, Totally Lost 2013, Totally Lost 2015

Walking through the forest initially gives no clue that you are approaching this building. The clock tower poking through the canopy is the first clue as to its existence.

It is recorded to have been constructed within 7 months and has been a children’s camp, headquarters to partisan fighters and prison, reverted to a children’s camp and now abandoned as a memorial.

The plaque by the door commemorates all soldiers who died in the surrounding forests.

English translation of the plaque:
From this colony which became their prison, 129 soldiers and civilians of the Italian Socialist (Fascist) Republic and 31 German soldiers did not return. Others still rest for ever in these woods without a cross. (Say) a prayer for them and for those who waited for them when hope was gone.

Text by Tim Brown

CONTRIBUTOR: Daniele Campi Martucci and Tim Brown