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Cooperative Commercial centre in Podvis A place for every need

Cooperative Commercial centre in Podvis

Podvis, Bulgaria

  • SPACE TYPE: Shop


Tags: Bulgaria, commercial, Totally Lost 2015

The complex office and commercial building of the local agricultural and consumer cooperatives in the village of Podvis, Karnobat region, Bulgaria.

The ground floor accommodates shops for fabrics, clothes and shoes, a cafe, a restaurant and a youth club/disco. Now the only working shop is the cafe, the others seem to be closed in the first years of the 21th century. the building was probably built in the 50s. After the collectivisation 1947- 1958, the local agricutural cooperative in the Bulgarian villages concentrated significant power and economic resources and that made more important for the local communites than the administratve authorities of the respective village.

Such cooperative centers were a typical element of the central square of every socialist village in Bulgaria during the regime.


CONTRIBUTOR: Anton Angelov