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Dudik Memorial Park Damaged by the Serbian army during the Croatian war of independence

Dudik Memorial Park

Vukovar, Croatia
ARCHITECTS NAME: Bogdan Bogdanović


  • SPACE TYPE: Monument


Tags: Bogdan Bogdanović, Croatia, memorial, monument, spomenik, Totally Lost 2013, Totally Lost 2015

Bogdanović was commissioned to design this memorial park by Vukovar’s town council and a local veterans association in 1978.

It is built on the location of an execution site used during the Second World War, where nine mass graves were later discovered by the State Commission for establishing the Crimes of the Occupying Forces and their Supporters resulting from a series of mass executions by Ustasa forces of civilians and resistance members between July 1941 and February 1943.

It is claimed that 455 people were executed here.

It consists of five 18 metre tall cones: the bottom halves of which are covered in hand- cut diorite blocks imported from Bosnia, and the upper consisting of a wooden frame clad in copper sheeting and a number (27 in total) of symbolic boats (ajke, a type of barge used for goods transport along the Danube River, upon which the town lies), also made of Bosnian diorite, scattered throughout the clearing.

Source: “The Memorial works of Bogdan Bogdanović: Their condition and situation as of 2012”

CONTRIBUTOR: Marko Krojač and Bruno Maran