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Dwellings Darnitsa A 12- storey semicircular panel building in Kiev

Dwellings Darnitsa

Darnitskii boulevard, 7, Kiev, Ukraine


  • SPACE TYPE: Condominium


Tags: residential, Totally Lost 2015, Ukraine

A 12-storey semicircular panel building, completed in 1974. Such buildings are included in a series of typical mass development of the left bank of Kiev and mass development in Soviet Union in general.

The series 1-464 designed as a 4, 5 and 9 storey housing, so this building is considered as high-rise. All series of mass post war buildings were designed to place as much people as possible.

There were enormous strict rules, limitations and norms, that forbade any demonstration of  creativity, individuality and style of the buildings. All districts, sections, streets, yards and apartments had to be identical. They had no comfortable life conditions.

CONTRIBUTOR: Anna Lepeshkova