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Former Building of the Council of Ministers A Soviet building in a a post-war Sukhumi

Former Building of the Council of Ministers

Gulia st. Sukhumi, Abkhazia

  • SPACE TYPE: Public institution's headquarters


Tags: Abkhazia, Georgia, istitutional/ politic, Totally Lost 2015

In 1960s, in the center of Georgian city Sukhumi, was a built a huge administrative building. In Soviet times it was the headquarter for the Counsel of Ministers of Soviet Abkhazia.

After the break-up of Soviet Union, Abkhazia tried to get indipendent from Georgia. In 1992- 1993 the country severely suffered from military actions.

This riddled building remains unrestored since Sukhumi was liberated from Georgian troops, in 1993.


CONTRIBUTOR: Vadim Fomichev