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Forst Zinna A cold war base in Jüterbog

Forst Zinna

Forst Zinna, Jüterbog, GerMANY


  • SPACE TYPE: Barrack or base


Tags: base, Germany, military, Totally Lost 2015

Forst Zinna was a military complex built in 1934 by the SS  and expanded in the years thereafter. After the Second World War it was used by the red army and, from 1947, by the German Academy of Public Administration , founded by decision of the SED. In that period were built technology areas, cinemas and theaters , dining rooms, sports venues providing ideal conditions for an academy.

Until 1990 there were about 40.000 soldiers, now it is abandoned.

Source: wikipedia

Nicola Bertellotti

Fotografo con sguardo rivolto all'estetica della decadenza. Il nome del mio progetto è Fenomenologia della fine.

CONTRIBUTOR: Nicola Bertellotti