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Fort de la Chartreuse Accès refusé

Fort de la Chartreuse

Liège, Belgium

  • SPACE TYPE: Fortification, Barrack or base


Tags: belgium, military, Totally Lost 2015

Fort de la Chartreuse was built between 1817 and 1823, in order to defend the city of Liège, and it  is located along the river Meuse. The fort was abandoned by the Dutch army  in 1891 and after it was used as a barrack.

During the First World War, Germany invaded Belgium and the fort was used as a prison, and again from 1940 to 1944. In 1945- 1955 it was used by the Americans as a military hospital (during the Ardennes offensive). The Belgian army left the site in 1988.

Currently in state of abandonment, the construction shows the typical features of totalitarian architecture. Large open spaces that arouse a sense of subjection, of dismay and isolation in the individual. This type of constructions inhibit the social contact, but at the same time they fascinate and they become source of inspiration for photographers and creative.

Source: wikipedia

CONTRIBUTOR: Rossana Natale