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Grumant Mine and Coles Bay A cold war- time mine operated by the Russians deep in the Arctic Circle

Grumant Mine and Coles Bay

Spitsbergen, Norway

  • SPACE TYPE: Mine


Tags: industrial, mine, norway, Totally Lost 2015

A journey to an abandoned mine in one of the most in-hospitable places on earth. Deep inside the Arctic circle is Grumant Mine and Coles Bay. Operated as a mine by the Russians during the cold war, this place was of significant strategic importance as well as an operational coal mine. It is now abandoned and rarely visited because of the difficulties involved in getting to its location.

The site at Coles Bay also contains some of the last graves – because of the permafrost and ground conditions it is now illegal to bury anybody there and bodies must be transported off Spitsbergen to be buried or cremated and for that reason it is also against the law to die there, so if you are ill you’d best leave!

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