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“Hillock of fraternity’’ Memorial Complex A monument that symbolizes a Thracian hillock

“Hillock of fraternity’’ Memorial Complex

Bulgaria, bul. "SVOBODA" 69, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
ARCHITECTS NAME: Lubomir Chinkov, Vladimir Rangelov


  • SPACE TYPE: Monument


Tags: Bulgaria, memorial, monument, Totally Lost 2015

The ‘’Hillock of fraternity’’ monument symbolizes a Thracian hillock. It reminds of a stone wreath from above.

A 90m long sculpture composition inside the monument is dedicated to the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule, the The Unification of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian partisan movement and “the victory of socialism” in 1944. Bones of partisans from Plovdiv region were placed inside the memorial complex, once it was finished. It was inaugurated on 9th September 1974 by the party leader Todor Zhivkov in honor of the 30th anniversary of the “socialist revolution’’ in Bulgaria.

There were plans to connect the ‘’Hillock of fraternity’’ memorial to the Soviet army monument in the town, through a spacious boulevard which would then be used to perform “festive rituals”. Today the memorial is locked with chains and covered with scrawl, the eternal flame in the middle of the hall went out and was never relighted.

The municipality is planning to repaint the monument due to the opening of a commercial center in the area.


CONTRIBUTOR: Sergio Deggiovanni, Antony Meadley and Hélène Veilleux