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Devoto Holiday Camp 365 windows: one for each day of the year

Devoto Holiday Camp

Monte Zatta, Genova (GE)

  • SPACE TYPE: Holiday camp


Tags: colonia, healthcare, holiday camp, Italy, Totally Lost 2013

The building is dedicated to Antonio Devoto, philantropist, (born 1832, Lavagna – deceased 1916, Buenos Aires), whose generosity and farsightedness, together with the determination of his wife, allowed for the building of the complex on the slopes of Mount Zatta, in the 1930s.

The enormous complex (it has an area of around 22.000 sqm and 365 windows, one for each day of the year) initially hosted poor children, but after the war it was used for many different purposes, also as a sanatorium for pulmonary diseases, as it is located in a very wholesome area. For its past, it is known today as the “College of Zatta”.