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Hotel Fjord The Yugoslavian Costa Azzurra in ruins

Hotel Fjord

Njegoševa 2, Kotor

Tags: Montenegro, Totally Lost 2013

Hotel Fjord is the most visible structure that was conceived and built during the Yugoslav period in , Montenegro.

The beautiful hotel remains abandoned and strewn with rubbish. the swimming pool is turned in a landfill with sever flippers machines placed there. Since the last three years the site is also used by case-study by some architects interested in urban re-generation (

The only part of it that is used is the tennis court, which some of the locals play on. The windows are smashed in, anybody can just walk straight in and there is nobody at all on site.


Giacomo Piovan

Social Designer

Giacomo is a 27 years old Italian designer. He has working for Socialmatter design studio in Luxembourg. Giacomo is fascinated by the inconventional opportunities that arise when nature embeds urban contexts.