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Hotel Olimpia An abandoned hotel in the Buda hills

Hotel Olimpia

Hotel Normafa, Budapest, Eötvös út 52, 1121
ARCHITECTS NAME: Zoltán Farkasdy


  • SPACE TYPE: Hotel/guest house/hostel


Tags: hotel, Hungary, Totally Lost 2015

The Hotel Olimpia was designed in 1969 by Zoltán Farkasdy, the construction began in 1971 and it was totally finished in 1972. The complex is located in a special milieu, on the top of Normafa, in the Buda hills.

Before its opening it was already used as the headquarters of the Hungarian Olympic Team, during the training for the 1972 Summer Olympics. Later, in the golden age of the hotel it was very popular. After 1989 it was privatized, and ran until 2002, when they shut it down. Since then it is abandoned.


CONTRIBUTOR: Balázs Gáspár