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Housing Blocks From grayscale to color

Housing Blocks

Bucharest, Romania

  • SPACE TYPE: Other


Tags: residential, Romania, Totally Lost 2015

During the Romania’s Socialist Regime, the landscape of the cities was permanently shaped by a large number of housing blocks. These were often identical and disposed symmetrically on site. Designed to host as much people as possible, these buildings were ment to standardize the inhabitants regardless of their social classes.

Nowadays it seems like it’s defining a reaction to these prefab concrete blocks and the ongoing restorations give the opportunity to redesign the facades. These are covered with styrofoam and strong coloured plasters so that their grey appearance is replaced and forgotten. But this heavy make- up hides the same low standard confort imposed by the Socialist Regime. The traces of the past are still present in every flat with their small, inflexible and obsolete interior spaces.

Inspired by the unfolded facades from architectural representations, I am creating large images with these blocks focusing on their graphic compositions seen from the eye- level of the city. The images are manipulated in order not to overstate the reality.

Conversely, the constructed images show a hidden reality unseen from an usual human eye perspective.


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