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Hydrostroy Factory Former Jewel of Burgas

Hydrostroy Factory

Debelt, Bulgaria

  • SPACE TYPE: Factory


Tags: Bulgaria, factory, Totally Lost 2015

The former Hydrostroy complex, located near the village of Debelt, Bulgaria is now completely abandoned. There are a number of smaller buildings surrounding the main office and operations building showed in this photos. The Hidrostroy company has been around since socialist times and it still exist in Bulgaria. They are specialized in construction services, specifically low-rise construction.

This particular complex was a large branch of the Hydrostroy company (which exists nationwide) and is located in close proximity to the major Black Sea city and port of Burgas. The office building portrayed here has been completely abandoned and is in a state of ruin, though many artifacts of the past still remain along its seven floors.

The elevator shafts are now death traps, all worthwhile material (metal, wire, etc) has been removed by thieves and gypsies and all that remains is what we urban explorers cherish the most: remnants, documents and relics of an era gone by.

Pictures of Lenin, of party functionaries, communist posters, on- the- job warning and safety posters, phones, slogans, shoes, cutlery, plates and even documents, remain behind.


Manol Manolov


I am a photographer from the USA, who was born in Bulgaria. Many of my images are shot during trips back to my birthplace. I document abandoned pieces of history that still have a story to tell today. See my work at:

CONTRIBUTOR: Manol Z. Manolov