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Kadinjača Memorial Complex A monument in Užice, made up of three parts

Kadinjača Memorial Complex

Užice, Serbia
ARCHITECTS NAME: Miodrag Živković

  • SPACE TYPE: Monument


Tags: memorial, monument, Serbia, spomenik, Totally Lost 2015

The Kadinjača Memorial Complex is located near Užice, Western Serbia. It consists of a monument and a Memorial Centre. The monument is made up of three parts: the Užice Republic Amphitheatre, the Workers’ Battalion Alley and the Freedom Plateau.

The Memorial Complex is of outstanding significance for the Republic of Serbia as one of the biggest and most important symbols of struggle against fascism in the Second World War in Serbia. In addition to its historical and symbolical values, it has exceptional social, artistic and landscape values, as well as a specific identity aspect.

This picture is part of the Monumental series shot in the Balkan region between 2011 and 2012.

Source: Regiona Cooperation Council- Task Force on Culture and Society


Peter Franc


London to Sydney overland, began April 2015. Photographer, Visual Designer, Burner.