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Kaolin factory

Kaolin factory

mad, unghery

Tags: Hungary, Totally Lost 2013

This kaolin factory is in Hungary in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén-county, near the wine area of Tokaj. In the mountains of Tokaj, there are many zeolit and kaolin occurence place. This factory started in 1979 and Ended in midle of 1990-2000. This factory is state-owned, the sub undertaking name was OÉÁ Hegyaljai művei ( National Ore and Mineral Timber Factorys of Undermountains. In this place processed the kaolin and zeolit. There are many rollermill. The hall factory is really runious. Many wall falled of down and the machines are rusty and it likes hudred years old. There are many train road to freight train. This trains trasported the stuff to the factory and transported the product to the another factory, and those factorys made porcelain products.

(text by Levente Rohaly)