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Krampnitz military complex Playing treasure hunt in a ghost town left behind by the nazis and soviets

Krampnitz military complex

Krampnitz, Potsdamer Chaussee, 14476 Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany


  • SPACE TYPE: Barrack or base


Tags: base, Germany, military, Totally Lost 2015

The site was used by the German army since 1937 when the cavalry moved its school from Hannover.

It was also used as a driving training centre until the Russians took control of the area, taking over a day after the Germans abandoned it April 26, 1945. The 35th Guards Motor Rifle Division was then stationed there until its abandonment in 1992, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

he whole complex consists of more than 50 buildings, most of which are apartment buildings and storage, though it also includes an officers’ club, a Tennis court, theatre and more. It is rumored that movies such as Resident Evil, Inglourious Bastards and Enemy at the Gates shot some scenes here.

Source: wikipedia

This giant Nazi (and, later, Soviet) military training facility sits crumbling in the German countryside. Too historically significant to demolish but too atrocious to renovate, it waits in limbo for its eventual fate. I’ve spent a lot of time debating if I should show photos from this location.

This is where Nazis were trained to annihilate millions of families, including my own.  Walking through these ruins was the most emotionally complex experience I’ve had in an abandoned facility.

Initially I felt incredible discomfort about being there until I realized how it signified the complete and utter defeat of the Nazi philosophy. It became hugely empowering – there I was, a woman of Jewish descent, walking freely through the ruins of their fallen empire.

Text by Stephanie Avery

CONTRIBUTOR: Stephanie Avery, Robin Decay, Nina Güntzel, Piet Farlakes, Michael Oswald and Michael Scziegel