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Microrayon Bucharest microdistricts swallowed by nature



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Tags: residential, Romania, Totally Lost 2015

Once Communist Regime made its appearance in Romania, large residential areas were built in Bucharest and other major cities. Borrowing a Soviet origin name and concept, these areas were called ‘Microrayons’ and were seen as a successful model for the new socialist modernist visions in urban planning. Their aim was to create in a single neighborhood thousands of prefab apartments alongside with many public facility units in order to fulfill the inhabitants’ needs. All these buildings were carefully spreaded on large unbuilt areas making place for new green spaces and local parks.

More than 50 years have past and nowadays Microrayons have considerably changed. Formerly a sight dominated by concrete blocks, today is the nature’s turn to counterbalance the built landscape. The buildings are slowly decaying while the vegetation grows freely among them. Large trees and lush greenery become barriers between streets and blocks giving the feeling of an untouched landscape inside the city. It seems like the nature is taking back its territories and the buildings admit their defeat hiding behind the thick foliage.

Wild, inaccessible and mysterious, but at the same time fragile and constantly threatened by new invasive constructions and parking lots, these areas are in a continuous growth oscillating between carelessness and nostalgia for nature.