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Mojmilo olympic Village Bulletproof buildings in the suburbs of Sarajevo

Mojmilo olympic Village

Mojmilo, Sarajevo


Tags: Bosnia- Herzegovina, residential, Totally Lost 2013

This village was built for the winter Olympic Games in 1984 close to Dobrinja, a suburb of Sarajevo. After the Games, it was habitat of intellectuals, foreign students and upper middle-class members of society.

During the siege of Sarajevo (1992-1996) the building in the picture above was heavily damaged. As a result of fearless fighting, it was transformed in the frontline and became a “bulletproof” building (on local language – pancirka), which protected other buildings of the area from rockets and snipers.

In 1996 the village was partly reconstructed in its original shape and it is used for housing new habitants of Sarajevo.

Some photos of the village today in this reportage.