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Night of a Regime A night journey through Albania

Night of a Regime


  • PRESERVATION STATUS: Abandoned, Under-used

Tags: Albania, bunker, industrial, istitutional/ politic, military

This is a night journey through Albania along those places that once were symbols of an oppressive regime and today are instead the emblem of the hard time Albania is having in dealing with its own past.

In Albania the communist past is largely ignored. But it still exists in people’s memories and minds, through fears and injustices gone unpunished. This past is only omitted, removed from the daylight, the light of consciousness. Sometimes though, it comes back at night, to haunt its survivors.

The sites I photographed reflect this half- forgotten past. They mostly tower from the city skylines or are so hulking to transform entire territories.  These sites are ignored, not demolished but neither used for other purposes.

Could they instead be used for a new, positive meaning in today’s Albania? And by doing so, would the country be able to finally come to terms with its recent but neglected past?

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CONTRIBUTOR: Antonio Fantasia