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Nikolaev Love Nikolaev if you dare: the most enthralling city tour


Prospekt Lenina 85, Nikolaev, Ukraine


Tags: Totally Lost 2015, Ukraine

The video is the most enthralling Nikolaev city tour. You’ll follow a boy and a girl, holding a magic box: the box that miraculously refurbishes destroyed architecture.

Everything begins from a Nikolaev railway station, located in the Eastern part of the city on the left bank of the Buh firth. The station style reminds of Soviet architecture of the 80th. The heroes change the old station to a renewed one.

Then protagonists pass the modern tasteless city clubs and enter abandoned military barracks. It wasn’t easy to shoot the film there, as the stairs leading to the top floor were destroyed, that’s why we managed to visit the first floor only. Our heroes go by ruined monuments on the old Nikolaev necropolis and find abandoned places not far from the city center.

While they’re going, they see a bronze Lenin monument which is magically replaced to a stature of a Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka. All the doors, fences, stained walls are changed by the heroes to the new ones.

They also see a plant producing alumina, built in the early 80th in totalitarian architectural style, and a shut-down cinema “Iskra” having the same soviet style.

Our heroes are waltzing in an abandoned building “61 communards” plant sanatorium, which isn’t used for 20 years and is gradually crumbling.

We hear the off- screen voice telling us a phrase of a famous Ukrainian poet Yuri Andrukhovych as an overall culmination chord: “But what should we do? Is there any point of doing anything and from what should we begin?”

The boy and the girl stop at the old gymnasium #1, and famous Ukrainian poets and writers come out from the magic box, they symbolize spiritual development of a person.

The whole city is renovates, but what’s next?

Our heroes send the magic box down the river, as they have already repaired all destroyed buildings.

Let someone else find it and repairs his house.


Angie Bogachenko

Essayist, copywriter, illustrator. Angela was born in Donetsk, grow up in Mykolaiv and now she lives in Kiev. The curator of "Poetic mail" from cultural project LITCENTR.

CONTRIBUTOR: Anzhela Bogachenko