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Popina Monument Park The so called "sniper"

Popina Monument Park

Trstenik, Serbia
ARCHITECTS NAME: Bogdan Bogdanović


  • SPACE TYPE: Monument


Tags: Bogdan Bogdanović, memorial, monument, Serbia, spomenik, Totally Lost 2015

This monument was jointly commissioned by the municipalities of Trstenik and Vrnjačka Banja in 1977, and the construction of the 12 hectare memorial park, set within parkland of 106 hectares, was commenced in 1978.

It is set on the slopes of two mountains: Crnog Vrha and Goca, and commemorates the first pitched battle between the Partisans and German troops, which was fought in this area on 13 October 1941, and in which 42 Partisans died. One of the main reasons for constructing the monument was to boost the local economy through infrastructure that would be developed around the attraction, with the monument being promoted as the centerpiece of a country park. However, spiralling costs arising from the use of expensive construction materials meant that the project was never fully realized.

The monument consists of four elements a stone block chiseled with a commemorative inscription and three monoliths; two cylindrical with a triangular prism in between  spread over a distance of approximately 90- 100 metres.

The site is neither protected at the national level, nor regional level by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Kraljevo.

Source: “The Memorial works of Bogdan Bogdanović: Their condition and situation as of 2012.”

CONTRIBUTOR: Arsenije Lazić