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The Red Triangle factory An immense abandoned rubber factory complex

The Red Triangle factory

138 Obvodny Canal, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • SPACE TYPE: Factory


Tags: factory, industrial, Russia, Totally Lost 2015

The Red Triangle Factory complex is a huge industrial zone in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

It was founded in 1860 by Hamburg merchant F. Krauskopf and his companions as the Russian-American Rubber Manufacture Association, since 1908 it was called “Treugolnik”: Triangle.

The main products of the plant were rubber overshoes. Up to the late 19th century the plant was country monopolist in this sector of the market while, in the 20th century, it was the largest enterprise of rubber goods production in Russia and Europe. During WWI (1914-18) it produced automobile tyre casings, gas masks, and artillery buffers. In 1918 the plant was nationalised and then called “Krasny Treugolnik”: Red Triangle.

(Source: Saint Petersburg encyclopaedia)

Today the enormous property is a mix of abandoned buildings, small companies, garages, and rehearsal spaces for musicians. But mostly it is a decaying wasteland, a monument to the old industrialization of the city.

Stephanie Avery


Stephanie Avery is a Toronto-based artist and adventurer. Her ongoing photographic series of modern ruins has brought her around the world. She is drawn to their silent beauty and aims to show glimpses into the extraordinary world of the forgotten.

CONTRIBUTOR: Stephanie Avery