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Rummu quarry The bluest water in Estonia!

Rummu quarry

Haapsalu maantee 13, Rummu alevik, Vasalemma vald, Harju maakond

  • SPACE TYPE: Quarry


Tags: Estonia, Totally Lost 2015

Rummu quarry was used as a mining site for Vasalemma marble (a kind of limestone) for a very long time. Most of the workforce came from among the detainees of Murru prison, located next to the quarry in a  massive ash grey mountains.

The oldest part of the prison was built in 1949 by the Soviet occupation authorities and today only a little part is still in function. With its closing, the pumps that kept the quarry and the prison dry were shut down. Apparently  water rose so quickly that it covered a large mining excavator and other equipment that could have been taken to a higher ground well in time.

Many drowned buildings and other things form a unique underwater museum and a paradise with unusually clear water for swimmers and divers.

Visitors should be aware, that the place is very dangerous for swimming due to sharp and heavy metal objects found in the bottom of the quarry.

(Source: visit estonia)