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Sugar Factory Ruins of the Sucreries Raffineries Bulgares's factory

Sugar Factory

Sofia, Bulgaria

  • SPACE TYPE: Factory


Tags: Bulgaria, factory, industrial, Totally Lost 2013

The Sucreries Raffineries Bulgares’s factory, situated 4 km out of Sofia’s city limits at the time in what is today the Zaharna Fabrika (“sugar factory”) neighbourhood, was opened on 28 November 1898 in the presence of Bulgarian monarch Prince Ferdinand I (more info here).

Under communism it was declared as a building of cultural interest and was used to host the national television film archive.

Recently, citizens have asked the government to take actions for reconstruction, but only poor gypsies have interest in doing something, in their own way: they remove and sell iron elements in hope to earn a little money. Two of those people were buried after part of the complex collapsed.

Despite that the Sugar Factory wasn’t a site open by communism, some part of it was build in this period.

CONTRIBUTOR: Ikonoma Hristov