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Tallinna Linnahall Aka Tallinn City Hall, which has nothing to do with it!

Tallinna Linnahall

Mere pst. 20 Tallinn 10111, Estonia
ARCHITECTS NAME: Raine Karp and Riina Altmäe


  • SPACE TYPE: Sports facility


Tags: Estonia, sport facility, Totally Lost 2015

Linnahall was built as a concert and sports venue with a 5000- seat amphitheatre and a 3000- seat ice hall in Tallinn, Estonia. It is situated on the waterfront near the harbour, just beyond the walls of the Old Town. It was designed by Raine Karp and Riina Altmäe as V. I. Lenin Palace of Culture and Sport on the occasion of the the 22nd Moscow Summer Olympic Games in 1980, the sailing events of which took place in Tallinn. Later the complex was renamed to Linnahall.

It is a symmetrical concrete structure which looks like an endless steps. It doesn’t reveal much, as most of the rooms are built under the concrete cover. The architect wanted to create a link between the city and the sea without obstructing the view on the silhouette of the medieval old town. Now this link has become an ugly sight for the city and tourists.

Linnahall is still being used occasionally. Although completed as recently as in 1980, the building has already fallen in despair due to the poor construction quality and finishing, very common during Soviet Times.

In August 2010 an agreement has been reached between an investor and the city of Tallinn to refurbish Linnahall which enjoys heritage protection to develop a new sports and entertainment venue. A hotel and casino will be added to the Linnahall grounds. It is nevertheless attractive to tourists and even Tallinn’s own people.

A great sight for photography!


Ph. Kerly Ilves

Ph. Kerly Ilves

Text by Kerly Ilves

En 1980 ont eu lieu les 22èmes Jeux Olympiques d’été à Moscou. Pour l’occasion des constructions ont été entreprise à Pitara, le port de plaisance de Tallinn, capitale de l’Estonie, afin d’accueillir l’épreuve de voile. L’accès des bâtiments fut interdit aux estoniens ne pratiquant pas la voile.

Cette année là, les Jeux Olympiques furent boycottés par une cinquantaine de pays, suite à l’invasion par l’Union Soviétique de l’Afghanistan e 1979.

Text by Delphine Jankowski

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CONTRIBUTOR: Kerly Ilves and Delphine Jankowski