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Topchiysko Monument To the fallen partisans of the Ruen region

Topchiysko Monument

Topchiysko, Bulgaria

  • SPACE TYPE: Monument


Tags: Bulgaria, communist, memorial, monument, Totally Lost 2015

This monument located in the village of Topchiysko, Bulgaria, is a socialist monument to partisan fighters that died in the summer of 1944, while fighting for the communist regime which was soon to come to power. These were all people from the region of Ruen, where the village of Topchiysko is located.

The monument was built in what could be described as a public garden or park and, in addition to the monument itself, there were also few small “administrative” and memorial buildings built in the “socialist-realist” style.

As far as I am aware, the monument and adjacent buildings have been sitting abandoned for some time (possibly, like many other institutions, factories and remnants of the socialist rule, they fell from grace in the early 1990s after the demise of the regime). The grounds are not maintained, with the exception of a memorial stone that has the name of some of the fallen inscribed.

Today, and possibly only because these people were fellow residents of the region and their families perhaps still live nearby, someone uses black paint to coat the faint, carved letters that inscribe the names, so that they are still legible.


Manol Manolov


I am a photographer from the USA, who was born in Bulgaria. Many of my images are shot during trips back to my birthplace. I document abandoned pieces of history that still have a story to tell today. See my work at:

CONTRIBUTOR: Manol Z. Manolov