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Torviscosa theatre A totally planned company town, built in 320 days - Una company town interamente pianificata costruita in 320 giorni

Torviscosa theatre

Via Vittorio Veneto, Torviscosa UD

Tags: Italy, Totally Lost 2013

In 1938 a totally planned company town was built in Torre di Zuino, following the pressure from the autarkic policy of the fascism and thanks to the initiative of an industrialist, Franco Marinotti. The intention was to develop the production of cellulose on an industrial scale, in the most depressed and swampy areas of Friuli. In just 320 days, following the project by the architect De Min, boulevards, buildings, residential areas and medical centers were built. The “Società Anonima Agricola Industriale per la produzione italiana della Cellulosa” was born. On September 21st, 1938 Benito Mussolini visited the town to celebrate the conclusion of the construction works. The town took the name of Municipality of Torviscosa in 1940. The theater is abandoned and waiting to be refurbished.



CONTRIBUTOR: Maurizio Nimis