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VEB Airplane Turbine Factory A factory near Dresden for the developement of engines

VEB Airplane Turbine Factory

Dr.Benno Scholze Straße, Pirna, Germany

  • SPACE TYPE: Factory


Tags: DDR, factory, Germany, industrial, Totally Lost 2015

In Pirna, on top of the Sonnenstein hill, residence the center of DDR aircraft industry. It was part of the VEB Combine Generating plant Engineering and Construction. After 1990 it was privatized and 5 years later declared insolvent.

Text by Mark Eder

Originally a manufacturer of aircraft engines, this huge plant was one of the biggest industries of that region with over 2000 employees. In the Sixties it was reconverted into a gas turbine and power engines manufacturer for locomotives.

Text by Reginald Van de Velde

CONTRIBUTOR: Mark Eder and Reginald Van de Velde