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Vidra ski resort Not really a tourist destination

Vidra ski resort

Vidra, Valcea, Romania


Tags: hotel, Romania, Totally Lost 2015

Vidra ski resort was one of Nicolae Ceausescu’s last projects before the fell of his regime in 1989.

It should have hosted the 2000 Winter Olympics and become a resort famous as the ones in Switzerland. Soon after the 1989 Revolution due to ownership misunderstandings for the land and buildings between unions and local authorities, there were no more investments and the whole place got forsaken.

Online sources regarding the subject, the construction or the history of the so called resort are scarce and incomplete. Thus, at this moment, I can’t provide more details.

As you can see in the picture that I made on the Vidra lake shore, on the right side there is the hotel (with an estimate 400 tourists capacity) and in the middle there are the three rows of villas (all are abandoned). You can also spot two white spots just above the villas: two of the five little villas where tourist could book a room.

Also you can see the forest cut in half by the ski lift track, all frozen in time.