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Villa Muggia Villa with a very unique history

Villa Muggia

Via Belpoggio, Imola (BO) Italy
ARCHITECTS NAME: P. Bottoni and M. Pucci


  • SPACE TYPE: Mansion


Tags: Italy, residential, Totally Lost 2013, Totally Lost 2015, Totally Terrae

villa muggia - il retro_Alessandro Costa (2)On the hills behind the new Imola hospital there is a villa with a very unique history. During the XVIII century, it was a hunting lodge, with two-ramp baroque stairs; in 1934, it was bought by the Muggia family, that commissioned its restoration to the young architect Piero Bottoni from Milan, who later became one of the main interpreters of the Rationalist architecture of the XX century.

Besides preserving the finest parts of the villa, the architect decided to replace the unrecoverable parts with bold and spectacular solutions, that harmoniously merged the new and old elements, creating a refined work with astonishing details in the interior furniture too.

During the war, the mansion was abandoned and great part of the restoration work was destroyed; nevertheless, the old splendor is still visible in the remaining part of the exterior structure and in the lunch table, realized in a single casting of concrete and granulated marble, with futuristic forms.

Villa Muggia - Paolo Martini

Ph. Paolo Martini

CONTRIBUTOR: Fabio Gubellini, Paolo Martini, Alessandro Costa