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Flak Towers in Augarten Two of the 6 high anti- aircraft towers of Wien

Flak Towers in Augarten

Augarten, Wien, Austria
ARCHITECTS NAME: Friedrich Tamms


  • SPACE TYPE: Tower, Fortification


Tags: Austria, military, Totally Lost 2015

The Vienna anti- aircraft towers are six high defence and protection structures made from reinforced concrete. They were built in the years 1942 until 1945 as air- raid protection and had rigged up anti- aircraft guns and fire control devices. The architect of the flak towers was Friedrich Tamms.

While in Vienna some of them are used (one by the Austrian army, one as storehouse by the Museum of Applied Arts- MAK and another as public acquarium since 1957), the towers in Augarten are empty and unused.

The round shaped G- Tower is partially ruined. The entire north- east and half of the east 20 mm gun platforms have been removed during 2007, due to deterioration. The tower itself has been reinforced with steel cables encircling the entire structure, 12 cables are located above the gun nests, 6 just below and an additional 4 midway up the tower. The tower suffered an internal explosion, and several floors near the top are missing on one side.

Also the rectangular L- Tower is empty. Its use as a computer storage facility or an open-air cinema is being considered.

I find that these towers convey, like no other architecture does, the megalomania of the Third Reich. They rise up, imposing themselves in the landscape, tragically, on a non- human scale.

Text by Jan Bakker

Source: Wikipedia and

Ph. Tanya Polovyna

Ph. Tanya Polovyna

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CONTRIBUTOR: Jan Bakker and Tanya Polovyna