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Sutjeska Battle Memorial Complex Remembering one of the bloodiest battles between the Axis Forces and the Yugoslav partisans

Sutjeska Battle Memorial Complex

Tjentište, Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia Herzegovina
ARCHITECTS NAME: Ranko Radović/ Sculptor Miodrag Živković


  • SPACE TYPE: Monument


Tags: Bosnia- Herzegovina, memorial, monument, spomenik, Totally Lost 2015

In the recent history in other words in the World War II, one of the most difficult and bloodiest battles in which Partisan forces engaged against joint German- Italian and quisling troops took place in this area.

The Sutjeska Battle (The Fifth Offensive, “Operation Schwarz”) took place between 15 May and 15 June in the region of Montenegro, eastern Herzegovina and eastern Bosnia. The final and bloodiest struggles happened in the area of the Sutjeska River and the surrounding mountains. During the months of struggle over 7,500 of Partisan fighters of the Main Operational Group of Yugoslavian National-Liberation Army were killed including a large number of the wounded from the Central Hospital that travelled along the Partisan group.

In memory of this great battle a memorial complex was built with a monument, authored by sculptor Miodrag Živković as its central part and the Sutjeska Battle Memorial House, an architectural master-piece of at the time very young Belgrade architect Ranko Radović.

In the Park area there is also a series of smaller monumental structures in the most important locations related to the events and figures from the Battle.


CONTRIBUTOR: Isidora Amidzic, Casey Fox and Peter Franc